Who needs Solar Power?

Residents and businesses who are tired of load shedding.

Property owners that want to hedge themselves against high electricity bills. Property owners that want to increase the value of their properties.

An investment in solar energy is not only an investment in your property, it is an investment in the environment. It is an investment in your children’s future and the beauty of this is that you actually save money by going green. 

How much does it cost?

Solar Systems - The cost will always be relative to the size and design of the Solar System you want in your house. Your aim should be to install a Solar Power system that will pay for itself within a few years.

Battery back-up System –The cost will always be relative to the amount of battery back-up power you need to deliver a power supply during power interruptions.

Finance - we are able to finance your chosen system as per your needs, this cost should not be more than you are currently paying for electricity monthly and thus will not affect your monthly budget to run your household

How do you migrate from grid to solar?

A modular approach starting with solar panels with a small inverter/ battery system to overcome load shedding is a very good place to start. Then you can upgrade your system to eventually getting off the grid.

Can I start a small system and add to it later?

  1. Our system are designed to be upgradable, so starting small then upgrading your energy power solution is no problem.

Does solar work in cloudy conditions?

Solar PV panels generate power from Solar Radiation, so sunlight is needed to generate power. When cloudy conditions, there are less solar radiation so the Solar panels produce less electricity. During rainy conditions there are typically no solar radiation and then no Solar PV power. In these conditions where the Solar PV generation is less, the system is designed to use battery and / or grid power to supply the shortfall of power supply from Solar. If your system is connected to the Grid, Grid power can be used to re-charge the batteries under these conditions.

Are there Tax incentives for Solar PV systems?

Companies are allowed accelerated Tax depreciation on Solar Systems.                              As per Income Tax Act 58 of 1962,

Can I feed Power back into the system?

Yes, both Grid Tied and Bi-Directional systems are able to push power back into the Grid. However we do recommend that permission be obtained from either your local municipality or Eskom.

Return of investment?

Solar and battery backup system will increase savings and thus reducing monthly expenses, both for Residential and Commercial applications. The Return on Investment is influenced by many factors i.e. what you currently pay for power and then the design of the solar system as per the power output you need.  

Increase in property value?

Yes. Solar Systems increases the value of your property reduces cost of electricity, this attracts buyers who are looking to keep their green foot print as low as possible and to stay off the grid.

Are Solar Panels hail resistant?

Panels are designed to withstand hail and severe weather conditions.

How long can a Solar System last?

Solar PV Panels have a performance warranty of 25 years. The actual lifespan of the panels can be as long as 50 years